Kalsarp Dosh

Kalsarp is a yoga in which all the planets in a person’s horoscope come between Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu planets are in serpent form, due to which the yoga made of them is called Kalsarpa Yoga. Appears in his horoscope due to the curse. Because of which the victim is financially and physically disturbed, mainly he has child related problems. Either she does not have children, or she is very weak and sick. His livelihood is also very difficult. Despite being born in a rich house, he continues to suffer financial loss due to some reason or the other. Various types of diseases also bother him.
In order to prevent this defect in the pagoda built on the banks of Ganga ji in Haridwar, special puja abhishek, chanting and havan are done to remove this defect.

Shradh Pind Tarpan

Shradh Pind Daan Tarpan

According to Vedic tradition, it is excellent work to pay obeisance to ancestors with reverence. The life of a son is meaningful only when he serves the surviving parents and after his death, perform his Shraddha Karma by his legal date and death.

Do this Pitra Paksha in Haridwar, perform Shraddha Puja, get rid of Pitra Doshas – Shraddha Paksha is this time from 01 September 2020 to 17 September 2020.
The time from Ashwin Krishna Paksha Pratipada to Amavasya is called Pitrupaksha or Shraddhapaksha. According to belief, Pinddan is an easy way to attain salvation. In every pilgrimage sites including Gaya, Gangasagar, Kurukshetra, Chitrakoot, Pushkar, ancestors perform devotional shraddha karma. But the glory of Shraddha Karma occurring in Haridwar is special in itself. It is considered important for the Pindadan Tarpan in Haridwar Shraddha. Narayani Shila in Haridwar and Kushavart Ghat are said to have great significance. That is why many people come to Haridwar on the ancestral side and offer pinddaan for their ancestors. While taking a dip in the Ganges of Haridwar, one gets freedom from sin, while pindadan here gives salvation to the ancestors. Also, there is happiness and peace in the home family.

Asthi Visarjan

Asthi Visarjan

Importance of bone immersion in Haridwar According to a legend, Ganga has been considered the most sacred river. The place of Ganga in Hinduism is also considered to be supreme because Goddess Ganga descended on the earth, dwelling in the Bunch of hair in head of Lord Shiva. The body is burnt after death. After which the body turns to ashes. It is believed that by immersing the bones in the Ganges, the soul gets peace and the soul of the person easily accepts the new body.
Wishing for a sin free life
Stories of bone immersion have also been found in some of the great texts of Hinduism. In Shankha Smriti and Karma Purana, the facts of why bone immersion is auspicious in the Ganges river itself have been found. By showing the sanctity of this river, the importance of immersing the bones in it has remained for years. Apart from this, bone immersion is also done in Sikhism, but it is not necessarily in the Ganges river itself, rather any holy river can be selected for it, but in the scriptures, especially bone immersion is done by connecting it to the Ganges river. Has been observed.
The bones remain in the Ganges for years
Ganga abode in Hindu religious places such as Haridwar, Prayag etc., where bone immersion is done on a large scale in law in Haridwar. It is believed that man’s bones remain in the Ganges river for years. The river Ganga gradually eliminates man’s sin through those abyss and opens a new path for the soul attached to it.
Human bones and river are also scientifically linked. It is believed that the bones of humans flowing in the river change their shape from time to time, which makes the place associated with that river fertile somewhere.



Our sorrows are caused by our sin deeds, Rudrabhishek, by our horoscope, sin and grand deeds are also burnt and in the Yajman, the rise of divinity and the grace of Lord Shiva is attained by the devotee and Yajaman All wishes are fulfilled. It is said that only the worship of Lord Shiva means Rudra automatically worships all the gods.
 It is said about Lord Shiva in the Rudrahadriopanishad that Sarvadevatmako Rudra: Survey Deva: Shivatmaka means Rudra is present in the soul of all gods and all gods are the soul of Rudra. According to our religion Garantho, for the fulfillment of different wishes, many liquids and worship materials have been told for the worship of Rudrabhishek. Sadhak worships Rudrabhishek in different ways and with different wishes. To fulfill a particular desire, Rudrabhishek is done with worship material and method accordingly.
But on special occasions like Mondays, Pradosh and Shivaratri, etc. Mantras, milk-milk or other milk are mixed with Ganges water and pure water or anointed with milk only. In special puja, milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar separately or mixed together are also anointed with panchamrit. For prevention of diseases in the system, there is a law to anoint with other various things like Giloy, sugarcane juice, turmeric etc. In this way, different wishes are fulfilled by the consecration of Shivalinga from different substances.
There is no doubt that the consecration of Shiva lingam, worshiped by any ancient and rule, gives very good results, but if the consecration of Lord Shiva’s lingam is done, one gets miraculous auspicious results very soon. The fruit of Rudrabhishek is obtained very quickly.
Special praise has been given for Rudrabhishek by the scholars in the Vedas and in the Puranas, many stories related to it are found.
Ravana was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. It is said in the texts that to please Lord Shiva, Ravana cut off his ten heads and anointed him with blood and offered the fire of havan to the ends which made him trilokajayi.
When Bhasmasura did the consecration of Shivalinga with the tears of his eyes, he too became a gift of God. Rudraabhishek is beneficial for your desired fulfillment to remove the obstacles of Kalsarpa Yoga, Grihakalesh, loss in business, hindrance in education and all the work.
Rudrabhishek can also be done in Jyotirlinga area and pilgrimage centers and Shivaratri Pradosh, Mondays of Shravan etc. without considering Shivvas. In fact, Ashutosh, the consecration of the Shiva linga, makes Shiva a blessing to the seeker by quickly pleasing him and all his problems are automatically eliminated. Therefore, we can say that with Rudrabhishek, all the sins of humans are washed away.
The creator Brahma himself has also said that when we do the consecration, Mahadev himself receives that consecration. There is no such thing, wealth, happiness in the world, which we cannot get by doing Rudrabhishek or getting it done.


PitruDosh Nivaran Pooja

When there is a combination of Sun and Rahu in a person’s horoscope, it is believed that Pitra Dosh Yoga is being formed. According to the scripture, in whatever sense the Sun and Rahu sit, all the fruits of that house get destroyed. There is such a dosha in a person’s horoscope that is capable of giving all these sorrows together, this dosha is known as Pitru Dosha.

Pitra dosha is part of Hindu astrology
The ninth house of the horoscope is called the house of religion, it is also the house of the father, if somehow the ninth house is afflicted by bad planets, then it indicates that the wishes of the ancestors were left unfulfilled, which is naturally bad planet They are called Sun, Mars, Saturn and do their work in some ascendant, but Rahu and Ketu give their side effects in all aspects, ninth house, ninth house master planet, ninth house If the owner of the ninth house from the zodiac sign and the moon sign is afflicted by Rahu or Ketu, then it is called Pitra Dosh. Due to which the person is always confused in some way, education is not complete, he craves for livelihood, he is disturbed physically or physically in some way. There is an interruption in marriage, there is a problem of getting a child or son, there is sudden loss in business or knockery without any reason.
Pitradosh Nirman Pooja i.e. Narayana Bali (Pitru Narayani) is worshiped for the prevention of Pitradosh.
In which, along with the chanting of 1.25 million father Gayatri, all the Pitrods of Pinddaan, Known-Unknown, Forgotten Pindadan and Chanting of Japa are performed.