Famous in performing devotional worship rituals

Religious Organization Haridwar Pandit ji Haridwar. Pind Daan, Pitra Dosh Nivaran, Narayani Asthi Pravah, Astrologer, Kundali Marriage.
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Our aim is to get Pujakarma duly performed by the best Brahmins and explain all the information about Pujakarma and its purpose. For thousands of years, our family has been doing Pujakarma for public welfare, Brahmins have been born in the family and have also received spiritual education since childhood, due to which, everyone has complete knowledge of karma and knows the method. His satisfaction with Yajaman’s reverence is important to us first. Not only this, we also know astrology along with Pujakarma. Due to which millions of satisfied people of our country and abroad are connected with us. It is not a business for us to be a Brahmin. The following rituals are performed by us: – Pitra Dosha Prevention, Kalsarp Dosha Prevention, Narayana Bali, Bone Pravah, Pind Daan, Shradha, Dasava (Dasai), Kriya, Tarpan, Pitra Gayatri Chanting, Navagraha Pooja and Chanting, Havan, Mother Ganga Worship and Aarti, All Goddess Gods Worship and Abhishek, Rudrabhishek, Marriage Wedding, Home and Shop Time, Total Goddess Pooja, Than special prayers so all worship we offer other can contact us for any information.

Thank you for knowing about us, Mother Ganga, do well for you and your family and fulfill all wishes. Jai Maa Ganga Ji.

Really better than others

I m Mahendra Chopra from Pune. I came to haridwar for Asthi visarjan and pind daan of my father. I booked pandit ji for this rituals they organize it very well i am satisfied. Pandit ji explained us about every rituals with meaning. Some other pandits misbehaving with other. But our pandit ji is very well mannered person. I donate him as i feel to do best for the puja and pandit ji he take it without any argument.
I suggest others if you want to do best for your ancestors try him he will never disappoint you
Thank you pandit ji for everything you do for us..

Mahendra Chopra

Excellent work

Really amazing person, who helped me perform Asthi Visarjan and Pind daan Tarpan at Har ki Pauri Ghat in Haridwar. Panditji is a very nice man, who don`t have any kind of demands for performing the rituals. However, we should respect him and donate what he really deserves.We had a very good experience as puja performed by Him was done patiently and because of him we did not face any difficulty during the performance of our puja period from start to the end of the puja. God bless him.

Swati Rohit Singh

Feel satisfied

Panditji helped us perform the various rituals in a very good and humble manner. Such an amazing and experienced personality. Those who are new to the place Haridwar should definitely go to visit him and seek his blessings.

Samir Arora


I am very thankful to Panditji, although contacted first time, they were very supportive and explained everything very well. Answered my all queries, I highly recommend them as understood that they are not the one who take it as business.


Very nice human being

Pandit Kaushikji is such a nice, humble, generous, considerate pious human being with utmost beautiful heart and always ready to help and solve person’s need. God bless him always, I wish every person on this earth should try to bring such good qualities in one’s own self. I just salute him and his humanity!!!!!!


Haridwar best pandit ji

Panditji is the best Panditji in Haridwar. He has good knowledge about Sharstra, he performed well organized puja. Other people also came here for same puja like us but other pandits used very bad quality puja msterial and done there client puja in just few minutes but our panditji done very well material quality, shastra knowledge, puja ceremony all done perfect in more than 1 hour. We are just doing pind daan sharadh here. Mostly I never share my review for anyone but after meeting panditji, I have to write for him he is the best. Thank you panditji for all you do for us.

Sarwaroop Chiranjivi

Very nice experience

We were pleasantly surprised with the genunity and humbleness with which Pandit Kaushik helped us perform the last rites of our late mother. Pandit Kaushik ji was warm and patient and helped us perform the rites with ease. He explained each ritual in detail and was sensitive to the fact that it was a difficult time for us. He answered our questions with patience. The most important quality of his that has won our hearts is that he wasn’t greedy or demanding. This is rare today. Wherein most Pandits are seen fleecing the customers, Pandit Kaushik was non demanding. He also invited us to visit Haridwar again in a happier situation to enjoy the blessings of the Ganges. We would definitely recommend meeting him for any kind of visit in haridwar

Shravan Chandra

Best Pandit ji in Haridwar

Really satisfied by the work done by pandit Ji and his team. The way they managed the Puja,mantra chanting,description of various rituals everything was satisfactory. Met him for the first time and he did not disappoint. Carry on the good work.

Arpit Jain

Satisfied with rituals

I am totally satisfied with the rituals done by panditji at Haridwar.

Milind Sharma